How about sharing knowledge and helping those in need?

What is the PAV / EVET Beneficent Congress ?

PAV is an educational institution specializing in veterinary medicine. EVET is a center for veterinary specialties. Both companies are Brazilian and together, they offer a conference with quality content to Veterinarians from all over Latin America, as well as contribute and help partner institutions that care for people and animals in need. In our Second Edition, the lectures were given with great affection by professionals of different nationalities. It is a great opportunity to learn and help others!
Come with PAV / EVET! 

Help those in need

The Second PAV/EVET beneficent Congress will benefit 4 institutions that help people and animals in need.

50 Rooms

There will be 50 rooms / specialties and over 200 lectures in various areas of Veterinary Medicine and with English subtitles in all lectures!


You'll get an attendance certificate for each lecture room you attend. It's a great opportunity to further improve your resume!

Recorded classes

All Congress classes are recorded and available from July 1st to August 31st. You've got 2 months to watch them as many times as you like!

Join us, learn and help!

Find out more about the NGOs that will benefit from this event:

The initiative brings families in the Northeastern hinterland clothing, food, medical and dental care, among other things. It holds countless educational and self-sustainable projects that improve the lives of more than 75 thousand people in the states of Alagoas, Ceará and Pernambuco.

In 2010, AMPARA Animal was established, and in 5 years  it became the largest animal protection institution in Brazil, with the largest number of animals supported in several of their needs. Today, 16 brave people make up this team in São Paulo, willing to dedicate their time to do good to those who cannot defend themselves.

Paulilandia was created in 2006 and promotes a unique party with the objective of collecting toys and food for families and children who need this help. The initiative seeks to create a balance between nature, music and human beings.

This non-profit organization has been sponsoring rural schools in the interior of Argentina for 12 years. It also helps adults by reconstructing the areola in women who have suffered from breast cancer and healing tattoos in people who have suffered major body injuries or burns.

Check out our lecture rooms:

By registering for the II PAV EVET Beneficent Congress you have access to content in Portuguese and Spanish. Some rooms have the same name, but the topics covered are different. In other words: it is more information for you!

Join us, learn and help!

Selling phases and subscription values:​

First lot


US$ 15

Second lot

Until June 30th, 2021

US$ 30

Third lot

After June 30th, 2021

US$ 45
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